Sunday, October 2, 2011

List 8: Top 30 Movies of All Time

I feel like a disclaimer is necessary.  I KNOW that I do not have what most would deem good taste in movies and that's okay with me.  There actually was a period in my life that I had a thing for really artsy films and movies that made me think, but really, that's what the rest of life does.  If I'm going to dedicate a few hours of my life to something, I just want to be entertained or learning something.  I don't mind knowing exactly how a movie is going to end.  In fact, I find it refreshing. 

1) Mary Poppins

2) The Parent Trap (the original with Haley Mills)

3) Dirty Dancing

4) The Wizard of Oz

5) Napoleon Dynamite

6) 500 Days of Summer

7) Requiem for a Dream

8) American Beauty

9) American Psycho

10) Scarface

11) Little Children

12) Juno

13) Away We Go

14) Two Weeks Notice

15) Revenge of the Nerds

16) The Baxter

17) Alice in Wonderland (The Original)

18) Charlie & the Chocolate Factory (The Original)
 If I could have gotten my hands on the clip of Charlie and his Grandpa burping, I would have inserted it here.

19) The Darjeeling Limited

20) The Royal Tenenbaums

21) The Little Mermaid

22) Overboard

23) Sleeping Beauty

24) The Doors

25) Lolita (Kubrick Version; 1962)

26) Above the Rim

27) Poetic Justice

28) The Devil's Advocate

29) Breakfast at Tiffanys

30) Big Top Pee Wee

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