Sunday, October 2, 2011

List 8: Top 30 Movies of All Time

I feel like a disclaimer is necessary.  I KNOW that I do not have what most would deem good taste in movies and that's okay with me.  There actually was a period in my life that I had a thing for really artsy films and movies that made me think, but really, that's what the rest of life does.  If I'm going to dedicate a few hours of my life to something, I just want to be entertained or learning something.  I don't mind knowing exactly how a movie is going to end.  In fact, I find it refreshing. 

1) Mary Poppins

2) The Parent Trap (the original with Haley Mills)

3) Dirty Dancing

4) The Wizard of Oz

5) Napoleon Dynamite

6) 500 Days of Summer

7) Requiem for a Dream

8) American Beauty

9) American Psycho

10) Scarface

11) Little Children

12) Juno

13) Away We Go

14) Two Weeks Notice

15) Revenge of the Nerds

16) The Baxter

17) Alice in Wonderland (The Original)

18) Charlie & the Chocolate Factory (The Original)
 If I could have gotten my hands on the clip of Charlie and his Grandpa burping, I would have inserted it here.

19) The Darjeeling Limited

20) The Royal Tenenbaums

21) The Little Mermaid

22) Overboard

23) Sleeping Beauty

24) The Doors

25) Lolita (Kubrick Version; 1962)

26) Above the Rim

27) Poetic Justice

28) The Devil's Advocate

29) Breakfast at Tiffanys

30) Big Top Pee Wee

Saturday, October 1, 2011

List 7: Top 30 Favorite Live Music Shows

So if you know me, you know I am a total music junkie.  Because of this fact, this list was one of the most difficult to make so far because its dang near impossible to narrow it down.  It has also been one of the most fun because I got to go through my ticket book and remember a ton of shows I had long forgotten.  Some shows made this list because of the sound quality or performance or energy and others because of the experience that came along with them; a great night with friends, a turning point in a relationship, crossing a long-timer off my list, the best drum solo I have ever seen, a chance encounter with the band, etc.  The names listed are those who accompanied me.  In chronological order...(Note 2011 & 2008. Particularly good years for me, live musically)

1. New Kids on the Block / Riverfront Coliseum / Cincinnati, OH / 1989
Rachel Farler Gill, Julie Milbauer Slusher & Sherri LeBlanc I really need to say more.  It was 1989.  I had just turned 8 and my AWESOME mother took me to see 5 of the loves of my life.  My first concert too.  Life-changing.

2. Jimmy Buffett / Riverbend Music Center / Cincinnati, OH / 1997
Katie Phelps Bray & Rachel Farler Gill (and half the Hamilton High School graduating class of 1997)
Every year in high school, huge groups of us would make the trek from Hamilton down to Riverbend for Buffet.  I wore a Peace Frogs t-shirt and cargo shorts.  Ha! That particular year It had rained for weeks before and the entire lawn was a mud puddle.  We did "mudslides" (think slip-n-slide made of mud) and drank draft beer and sang out loud and danced.  Oh the good old days. 

3. Dave Matthews Band / Riverbend Music Center / Cincinnati, OH / 1998
Rachel Farler Gill (probably along with half the Hamilton High School cheerleading squad and baseball team)
I have seen DMB more than I have seen any other band.  From 1996 - 2000, I went twice a year.  This year was the most memorable because of his 12 minute encore of the song Two Step.  My favorite Dave Matthews song

4. DJ Keoki / Cincinnati Sports Plus / Cincinnati, OH / 1999
AJ Stiver & Nema Golshan
Keoki was my absolute favorite DJ at that time in my life.  I was barely 18, my first year on my own and just loving my life.  I met a man that night that made his eyebrows dance to the music.  I never learned his name.

5. Bush with Moby / Millet Hall @ Miami University / Oxford, OH / 2000
Angie Moerlein
This was the culmination of a long time obsession with Gavin Rossdale and his band.  He walked out into the stands that night and was just feet behind me and ang.  I was stupified.  I would like to say it was during the song Machinehead, but I honestly don't remember.  Not that it matters.  10 years later at a ceramic shop I worked at in Beverly Hills, Gavin Rossdale casually sauntered in.  I was as stupified and awestruck as I had been as a teen.

6. Hookahville / Buckeye Lake / Columbus, OH / 2000
Stacey Roeder Snow, Kenny Fleming & Jason Bruckman
I don't remember a single note of music from that weekend.  I remember one last horrah with my very best friend, dancing and laughing and playing, before moving to California at the end of summer.  Priceless.

7. The Bridge School Benefit / Shoreline Ampitheatre / Mountain View, CA / 2000
Crosby Stills Nash and Young
Dave Matthews Band
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Foo Fighters
And up-and-comers Tenga and Sara
Brent Imus & Andrew Thompson
I had only lived in California a month or so when my new friends took me to the majestic Shoreline to see this show.  It was misty and cool that night but it didn't matter.  Look at that line-up.  The entire show was acoustic and it closed with Neil Young and Dave Matthews for the encore singing a duet of the Killer Cortez.

8. Les Claypool & the Fearless Flying Brigade / The Warfield / San Francisco, CA / 2001
Brent Imus & Andrew Thompson
We sat in the balcony doing things kids do.  I zoned out on Les' shoes; high top Chuck Taylors that looked like clown shoes or flippers they were so large.  He marched around the stage and with each stomp he feet grew larger and larger, at least in my mind.

9. The White Stripes / Music Hall / Cincinnati, OH / 2005
JR Joy
The only show I have ever seen at music hall and an "I must see them before I die" band in my book.  Enough said.

10. Coldplay / Riverbend Music Center / Cincinnati, OH / 2005
JR Joy
It was a perfect summer night and we found a spot at the front of the lawn, stage left.  Again, just another one of those really pleasant evening seeing a performance from a band I had always wanted to see.

11. The Constantines / Mad Hatter / Covington, KY / 2005
My first solo experience.  I wanted to see them so badly and no one else cared.  I sat at the Stand contemplating for an hour before Todd Hague talked me into just going alone.  I did and had a blast.  The sound guy felt bad for me because I was short and clearly couldn't see anything so he walked me over to the stage area and hoisted me up onto an amp on the side and I danced and watched from there the rest of the night.  I knew that night that I would forever prefer going to shows alone on my own agenda and schedule and no one else's.

12. Kings of Leon / Bogarts / Cincinnati, OH / 2007
Rachel Farler Gill, Chris Wolf, Fallon Horstmeyer, JR Joy, Matt Joy, Tom Fitzgerald
Not only was this at the height of their career in my opinion, I had at the time waited 5 years for them to come close enough for me to see.  They sounded amazing AND even came back to AliveOne that night.  I served them with the help of my sis, got some autographs and continued to party with them late night on the patio at Pavilion where Caleb bought me a shot of Jameson and told me I was pretty.  Yes, I'm bragging.

13. Heartless Bastards with Langhorne Slim / Southgate House / Newport, KY / 2008
Rachel Farler Gill
I have seen them a million times and another show of theirs that took place at the Madison in Covington almost made this list too.  It was 2009 I went alone, which is honestly my favorite way to attend, and they were ridiculous, but I had to use that spot for someone else.  Even though it was one of the greatest performances I have seen.  I mean what can you say really?  She is amazing every time I see her.

14. Raconteurs / PNC Pavilion / Cincinnati, OH / 2008
Lauren Jones
When they perforned Salute Your Solution, Lauren and I smiled at each other from ear to ear and danced our hearts out.  Never forget it.  Love you Laus.  Also, my first show at PNC Pavilion.  Not a bad seat in the house.

15. Heart with Journey & Cheap Trick / Riverbend Music Center / Cincinnati, OH / 2008
Lauren Jones, Erin Liesenfeld, Rebecca Feiler
Um...Heart is my favorite band ever.  And I got to see them.  Live.  In person. 

16. Rush / Riverbend Music Center / Cincinnati, OH / 2008
Erin Liesenfeld
I like Rush, don't get me wrong, but my motivation for going to this show was because Erin LOVED them as did the boy I then had eyes for so I knew he would be there.  Much to my enjoyment however, Nei...Pert is it?, put on THEE best and longest drum solo I have ever seen or heard in my life.

17. Black Keys / Madison Theater / Covington, KY / 2008
Kim Jostworth, Gary Davis & Mark Yost
I could have said alone above because on the first note, the fog machines set off the smoke alarm and we were evacuated at which point my compadres left.  I however, made friendlies with the door girls who let me stand inside the vestibule with them until doors opened back up, making me the first one back in the room.  I parked undisturbed against the stage for the remainder of the show.  Not to mention the fact that it was the first time I saw them live.

18. The French Kicks / Southgate House / Newport, KY / 2008
This was a Monday night.  I got off work at the Sandbar and headed to Southgate solo.  There were about 25 people there so you could practically stand on stage.  The sound was perfect and the lead was easy on the eyes.  I tried to buy a CD at the end but I had spent all my cash and they didn't take credit.  There wasn't an ATM on premise so I tried to bargain with said lead singer and he wouldn't budge.  I have never looked at them the same, but they still made this list, probably solely based on that performance of "Trial of the Century."

19. The Killers / Massey Hall / Toronto, ON / 2008
Kim Jostworth
Kim flew me to Toronto for two days just to go to this show with her.  I didn't even like the Killers, but Kim is one of my most favorite concert buddies and I had never been to Toronto.  They blew me away.  My distaste for them was due to what I thought was an over produced sound until I saw that Brandon Flowers (who I had no idea was such a dreamboat) running around the stage like a madman playing every instrument.  And we were sitting front row balcony so we had a perfect birds-eye of everything that was happening.  The following summer in 2009, they put on just as mind blowing a show so I cannot NOT mention it but it doesn't get a number.  It was at Lifestyles Community Pavilion in Columbus, OH and I went with Kim Jostworth & Gary Davis

20. The Pretenders with Bloc Party & the Black Kids / Nokia Theatre / Los Angeles, CA / 2008
Stacey Roeder Snow, Melissa Flippen, Chelsea Barnard, Lindsay & Courtney Vickers
After hiking for 6 hours in Malibu that day and then fighting LA traffic for 3 more, we barely made it to that show.  CSS was supposed to open and didn't show which was silly, bu that was the only thing about the night that wasn't amazing.  It was the first time I met Chels and the first time I hung out with Meliss face to face and both of them know why it was such a fun night (insert winkface).

21. Ratatat / Bogarts / Cincinnati, OH / 2009
I guess this show was impressive to me because I didn't know what to expect out of a live performance by them.  I had heard the albums over and over and knew I loved them, but didn't think they would live up live.  They did.

22. White Rabbit / Southgate House / Newport, KY / 2009
Mike Burke & Tom Fitzgerald
I knew I liked them, but after that show I LOVED them.  One of the drummers was standing the whole time and his energy was incredible.  I am obsessed to this day. 

23. Guided By Voices / Bluebirds / Bloomington, IN / 2010
Matt & Lee Barrett
Lee was super tired the whole night and didn't feel like standing so for half the show we sat in a booth and couldn't see the stage.  But something about seeing a band of their calibur in such a tiny room is just something.  Plus the drive to Bloomington that night was beautiful and it was the first time I heard Joanna Newsome, and I had some really great vegan pizza next to the venue that night.

24. Black Lips / Southgate House / Newport, KY / 2011
James Zinkand
The energy in the room and on stage was just incredible.  The sound was great and those guys just know how to perform. 

25. The Decemberists / Lifestyles Community Pavilion / Columbus, OH / 2011
James Zinkand
I have wanted to see them for a billion years and the lovely James scored us free tickets.  The show was sold out so it was mega-crowded which kinda sucked, but the closing song to the first encore was a blow-your-mind extended version of "The Mariner's Revenge" and it made up for the 23 draft beer drinking frat boys behind us. 

26. Cold War Kids / Madison Theater / Covington, KY / 2011
I stood against the rail on the second level.  I was at eye level with the band and no one was in front of me.  Every song sounded so amazing that I can hardly one to pick out as an example but if I HAD to, it would be either "We Used to Vacation" or "Hang Me Up to Dry."  For both songs, the whole room was singing and moving.  You can't describe that kind of energy really.

27. My Morning Jacket with Neko Case / PNC Pavilion / Cincinnati, OH / 2011
Rachel & Josh Gill
Another bucket-lister since '02.  They played every single song I wanted to hear from every album over the year.  And my good friends from adolescence happened to be there and sat with us.  It was all just perfect.  Oh.  And my 8 month pregnant sister got barfed on by some drunk kid.  Disgustingly Hilariously Awesome.

28. Fruitbats / Southgate House / Newport, KY / 2011
Solo (but got to spend the evening with Camilla Mecher, Dan Mecher, Missy Raterman & Brandon Dawson)
I have loved these guys since college painting studio and for several years couldn't even find an album so when I heard they were coming to town, there was NO WAY I was missing it.  They let me have two of their albums for the price of 1.5 and they closed with an extended version of "When You Love Somebody."  One of my favorite songs with one of the best choruses of all time.

29. Ghostland Observatory / Radiodown / Covington, KY / 2011
Ryan Young
This is another one that I knew I wasn't missing as soon as the bill was listed.  My introduction to them was a live performance at Austin City Limits (I saw on television) and you could feel the vibe coming out of the screen.  In person, it was awe-striking.  They didn't use stage lights at all so you never really saw their faces, more of just dancing silhouettes set to an incredible laser light show.  It was hands down the loudest show I have ever been too, and that didn't bother me a bit.

30. Death Cab for Cutie / PNC Pavilion / Cincinnati, Ohio / 2011
Josh Boyd, Kim Jostworth & Gary Davis
I had to kick Bad Boy Bill from my 18th year off the list for this one seeing as how it just happened last night.  They are another band that is an all time favorite and last night was the first time I have ever gotten to see them.  It was freezing cold, but you couldn't beat the company I was in AND we had front row seats, which in my opinion are the best seats in the house AND they played every song I wanted to hear.

List 6: Top 30 Favorite Artists

These have been my favorites over the years.  Some I have been lucky enough to know and some even study under.  If you haven't heard of them, Google them and enjoy.  If you scroll down to the bottom, there are images by each artist for your sampling pleasure* with the artist name and piece title (if I had it) listed below them.  As always, in no particular order...

1) Aaron Oliver Wood
For Instrument Skateboards
 2) Alexander Calder
Rouge Triumphant with Monumental Sculpture
 3) Barry Van Boekel
Erika Wennerstrom from Heartless Bastards
 4) Charles Eames (and Ray)
Lounge Chair with Ottoman
5) Charley Harper
Shadow Dancers
 6) Christo (Javacheff)
Wrapped Coast
 7) David Ellis
Flow from "Constant Flow"
 8) Derek Toebbe
Title Unknown
9) Dukno Yoon
Self Portrait
10) Eero Saarinen
Tulip Series
 11) Evan Hecox
Mass Movement
12)  Frank Lloyd Wright
Falling Water
13)  Frida Kahlo
Cracked Spine
 14) Jackson Pollock
Autumn Rhythm
15) Jasper Johns
The Map
 16) Jim Dine
My Name is Jim Dine
 17) Jimmy Baker
Tour (Project Monarch)
 18) Joe Castrucci
Insignia Series for Instrument Skateboards
 19) Joel Blazer
20) Justin Neil Fry
21) Mark Rothko
No. 14
 22) Pablo Picasso
Man With a Guitar
 23) Piet Mondrian
Composition A
 24) Ran Barnaclo
Native Series for Instrument Skateboards
 25) Rene Magritte
The False Mirror
 26) Robert Horvath
Brain Candy
 27) Roy Lichtenstein
 28) Ryan McGinley
Heatwave Sunbathe
29) Ryan McGinness
Four Cats My Way
 30) Ryan Young

*if you are an artist (and are alive and well) and I have tagged you and that makes you uncomfortable, feel free to remove the tag.  If you want me to take down your image, please send me a message and I will do so promptly.

List 5: Top 30 Most Influential People

With it being the 26th of September and 30 looming right around the corner on the 5th of Ocotber and this being only list number 5, I am getting very behind on these lists.  So, with the intention of completing more than one this evening, I have decided to start tonight with the easiest and probably most personal list of the lot.  I call these people "influential" because they have in some way changed the course of my life at one point or another.  I mean in all reality, every single person you meet changes your life in some way, but for me, these 30 left a notably lasting impact. This list will not help you in any way or teach you anything about Cincinnati or music or anything other than ME.  But each of these people taught me something. Some for better, some for worse.  I have learned from them about love, friendship, trust, distrust, humility, hilarity, betrayal, loyalty, success, drive, compassion, caring, solidarity, creativity, independence, perseverence, dedication, joy, self-respect, opportunity, individuality and much more and without each of them would not be exactly who I am today...So here goes in no particular order..

1 My deceased father Scott Farler
2 My sister Rachel Gill
3 My mother Julie Slusher
4 Kathy Rodgers, my former step mother
5 My very recently deceased grandma Marlyn Milbauer
6 My grandpa Jacues Milbauer
7 Kim Jostworth
8 Mike Bowman
9 Brooke Poulter
10 Bob Deck
11 Lauren Jones
12 Derek Toebbe
13  Erin Liesenfeld
14 Ran Barnaclo
15 Amanda Dotzauer Williams
16 Joe Castrucci
17  My niece Sofia Gill
18 Dr. Doug Shumavon
19  Stacey Roeder Snow
20 Chris Wolf
21 Ashlee Hodge Moore
22  Lee Barrett
23 Cara Ash
24 Robert Horvath
25 Erika King
26 MIchael Hebbeler
27 Nick Inman
28  Jeremy Pierce-Sunia
29 Tasha Boyd
30  Sarah Eicher Lewis

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

List 4: Top 30 Things to do Outside in Cincinnati

So I sort of feel like these lists are turning into some sort of "I Love Cincinnati" Guidebook, but I think I'm okay with that for now being someone that is not terribly comfortable getting too personal on the interweb. (they will get more personal) My favorite things to do outside, as stated in List 1, are biking hiking and running, but this is a list of my favorite things beyond those activities over  of those over the years.  As I make these lists, I can't believe how much there actually is to do around here at any given time of year.  It is making me appriciate the place I have called home for so long.  In no particular order...

1.  Labor Day Fireworks (from Mt. Adams Pavilion)
There are many ways to experience this unique Cincinnati phenomenon, but my absolute favorite is from the balconies at the Mt. Adams Pavilion.  You get to see all the splendor without fighting the crowds of the levy on either side of the river (I considered saying "sweaty hillbillies" in lieu of "crowds" right there but then reconsidered).  If you plan ahead you can reserve a table and you don't even have to fight the crowd to get to the bar.  
2.  Canoeing at Scenic River Excursions
There are three trips at Scenic River; 3, 6 & 9 mile.  I always do the nine mile and solo in a kayak, can complete it in less than two hours.  Thats in exercise mode.  If I am with others in a canoe either in relax or party mode, it can take much much longer.  Never the less, the staff is always super friendly and knowledgeable of river conditions.  They are pretty lenient about boozin, more just turning a blind eye I think.  Always a great time and very fun for furry friends as well.  
3.  Party in the Park at Sawyer Point
It had to make the list, but I should be honest here.  Not usually the greatest bands, or food, or deals.  All of that is average.  But the people watching is priceless and the river is right there and its downtown and happy hour-ish and its just fun(ny).  
4.  Apple Picking at Iron's Fruit Farm
Unfortunately due to weird weather patterns, there is no U-pick this season, but I had to include it because it is one of my most favorite fall activities and I know they will be back for 2012.  Its a little bit of a drive but worth it to spend a relaxing fall afternoon in the orchard.  They have several varieties and pretty good deals in the farm shop on other produce and handmade goods.  
5.  Paintball at Paintball Country
I have only done this once, but if I had the gathering power I would do it all the time.  I am not a fan of guns or fighting or most things of that nature, but I must say, it is a real release to run around in the woods and shoot at things when you know it isn't hurting anyone (really) and it is quite a rush to be the target hiding behind a log on the ground.  I would recommend going when there is a bit of a chill in the air so you can layer up to protect yourself from the little welts the "ammo" leaves but not get too hot.  Not recomended for wimps
6.  Pumpkin Patch at Niederman Family Farm
Yes I am a single, late twenties woman with no children and I legitamately enjoy this.  Just like the apple picking I suppose.  There is a petting zoo and a corn maze (which I actually find terrifying when done in the dark but sort of exhillerating) and at teh end you get to pick a pumpkin to take home and carve.  I have definitely snuck in spiked cider, but it was no more or less fun with or without.  Good, wholesome fun.
7.  Sunlite Pool at Coney Island
Sunbathing, margaritas (sometimes), waterslides and again, some of the best people watching this side of the Mississippi.  What more could you ask for?  Seroiusly though, it is a nice way to spend a hot sunny Cincinnati afternoon with friends.  If you print a ticket from your home computer, it's $10 (this does not get you access to rides at Coney) + $7 for parking or you can get a season pass for $80 that includes parking for the year and access to the whole park.
8.  Volleyball at Sandbar
Sandbar has leagues throughout the week during spring, summer and fall.  I could never commit to a league but they have pick-up games on Saturdays and Sundays.  Being a long time service industry worker making Sundays more like Saturdays, Sunday Fundays were a long standing tradition among my friends and I when I was younger and often started with sun and sand and volleyball.  
9.  Loveland Bike Trail
My favorite stretch of this trail that spans over 70 miles locally is that between Newtown and loveland.  It is 26 miles round trip but if you start in Newtown, there are plenty of places in Historic Downtown Loveland.  There is a lovelie little Vintage shop called Vintage Market and Thrift just blocks from the path as well as several little restaurants to refuel before your ride back. 
10. Cincinnati Reds at Great American Ballpark
Its called America's favorite pastime for a reason.  Enough said. 
11. Cincinnati Bengals Game & Tailgate
No matter how terrible or great we are, it is ALWAYS a fun way to spend a Sunday.  Even if you don't have tickets to the game, tailgating with those that do then making your way to Tina's or Mainstay or another local bar to watch is just as fun.  I should warn that the aftermath can be pretty ugly so an escape plan immediately following is a necessity. 
12. Cincinnati Zoo
I was away rom the zoo for a number of years until my precious niece Sofia came on the scene.  I went twice with her last year, once in winter for the Festival of Lights and once in the summer for good old fashioned animal viewign and it reminded me how much I loved that place as a kid.  Fun way to spend the day with or without kids or a companion.
13. Keeneland Horse Races
This one is a bit of a drive, but it is such a culture here in Cincinnati that I didn't even question calling it a local activity.  Even if you don't like betting or horseracing, the track is beautiful and it happens to fall at the midwests two most beautiful times of year, April and October.  
14. Kings Island
I happen to love roller coasters and its an amusement park (with a waterpark inside) full of hillbillies.  I think by number fourteen you can guess why I would like this place so need I say more?   
15. Indie Summer Series @ Fountain Square
If I were ranking these in any particular order, this would be very near if not AT the top.  It is so refreshing to see the square so populated with people and such great talent and its FREE. 
16. Findlay Market
Saturday and Sunday mornings it is very crowded but thats also when they have most of their events i.e. wine tastings, the beer garden, and even the occasional cooking demonstration.  Hands down the least expensive produce in or near downtown too.  Its more than just produce though.  Its art and crafts and flowers and meat and CULTURE.  And its local so we can all stimulate our own economy.
17.  Picnic at Eden Park
Home to Krohn Conservatory, the Cincinnati Art Museum and Mirror Lake and several trails and walking paths, Eden Park has tons to offer including several beutiful views of the fair city of Cincinnati.  Take a blanket and a loved one or a good book or a sketchbook and some tasties and spend an afternoon relaxing on the grass. 
18. Riverbend/PNC Pavilion
I have seen countless concerts here since I was 15 years old.  One year I was actually at Riverbend  nights in one week.  It never gets old, especially since the addition of the PNC Pavilion.  The old Riverbend was about the experience but not so much the sound, but since PNC opened, the acoustics in there are pretty great and there's honestly not a bad seat.
19. The Turkey Trot
What better to start the most glutonous day of the year than with an easy relaxing 10K.  You can eat as much as you want later in the day with little or no guilt.  I actually woke up late for this last year but ran the entire thing on my own.  Backwards.  In the rain.  I can't imagine a Turkey Day without it ever again.  
20. Neons Patio
Its just a great way to spend any night of the week with friends.  They have larger than life Jenga and Bocci (neither of which I have ever played there which is weird because I love bar games) but you can have plenty of fun just sitting around the table in good company shooting the $#!+.  Only downfall, unless you know a bartender, you may be waiting a while for refills.  Once the bartender makes it to you though, you're always greeted with a friendly smile.
21. City Flea
New this year, this summerlong event occurring ever first Saturday of the month is a great addition to the indie/vintage culture in cinicnnati.  Collectors and vendors alike set up shop in a parking lot on Vine Street and it just took off.  If you like all things vintage, I highly recommend Matt Joys booth.  If you're more into crafts, check out Tara Heilman and the girls from Fabricate.  If you get hungry while your digging through the treasures, you can grab a quesadilla in the rear corner of the lot from Turophelia or another one of the handful of local food vendors. 
22. Taste of Cincinnati
Honestly, as an adult and as a vegan, I don't love this for the food as I used to.  But in recent years, it has become a great place to see a local band outdoors in the middle of the afternoon.  They have several stages and at least the last two years the lineup has been great.  For you dairy-loving carnivores out there, the food is probably still amazing so don't be discouraged.  I will say that it would be nice if it weren't so expensive for the vendors so more local mom and pop operartion showcase their goodies.  It has turned a bit more corporate than I remember it growing up and that bugs me but still a fun way to spend part of your Memorial Day Weekend.
23. Second Sundays on Main
This is another recent addition to the OTR culture and its a great one.  It involves all the local stores in a section of OTR as well as some pop-up booths.  There are local food booths too and music.  I will not insult your intelligence by telling you when it takes place as the name does it for me.  
24. The Blind Lemon Patio
Great place for a date.  Probably the best in the city.  Never too crowded.  Great seasonal cocktail menu.  Mellow easy music, usually jazzy.  Perfect mood lighting.  Simple Cincinnati mainstay. 
25. The Dog Park at Otto Armleder
Its like doggie Disneyland.  On a sunny afternoon, no matter what time of year there are easily hundreds of dogs here, running, barking, playing, pooping.  Its wonderous.  They provide poo bags and most owners are pretty good about cleaning up after their little ones.  There is a little dog section too so you don't have to worry about some yorkie owner saying your furry bundle tried to beat up her (or his) pansy dog (no offense yorkie owners).  If you like me have a doggie that needs to be a little "tired" to socialize with other dogs, there is also a 1.9 mile track as well as river access for water lovers.  
26. The Modulators at Ault Park Dances in the Park
Its an outdoor concert in a beautiful park in a beautiful part of town with upbeat, happy music and dancing and drinking.  How could it be bad?  The Modulators have been around for quite sometime and they know how to entertain a crowd. 
27. Yardsale of America
The section I frequent is in Mainstrasse Village in Covington.  There are great Vintage finds and quite a variety of both buyers and sellers alike.  Other than that, it is esactly what it sounds like...a giant yardsale.  
28. Swinging at French Park
I'm a sucker for swinging.  Anywhere.  If you haven't done it in a while, go to a park and try.  It is free and liberating somehow and I can all but guarantee it will immediately take you back to childhood.  French Park happens to have my favorite do to their size and setting.  You can swing facing a creek and woods and its almost like they were constructed to house adult butts.  I would easily put swinging in the number four spot behind hiking, running and biking.  Maybe 5th to canoeing.  Maybe.
29. Northside Rock and Roll Carnival
If there is a community that knows how to band together and organize in Cincinnati, it is definitely Northside.  I went the for the first time this year but it has been around since 05/06ish.  It happens 4th of July weekend and its plopped right in Hoffner Park and its really fun.  Great lineups, a great beer tent, an adequate amount of bathrooms.  Summer fun at its best.
30. Starlite Drive-In
I have a certain amount of guilt if I go to a movie on a nice night.  In a climate like the midwest, you really have to take advantage of every nice day.  At least I do and at the drive in you can get the best of both.  Totally vegging but still outside.  They have double features too, so this outdoor lazing about can last up to four hours.  

I can't stress enough that this list and others have been hard to pare down.  There is plenty of culture and life and fun out there, you just have to get out and find it.